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Cardboard manufacturing – Industrial equipment

Fluorotechnique is invested in the cardboard manufacturing sector, where fluoropolymer coating application is also necessary (drying cylinders, stationery tools). Fluoropolymer coating application is also necessary in the cardboard manufacturing sector (drying cylinders, stationery tools) to produce parts on which used materials can easily glide over. For example, for paper or textile industry, hoppers or feed chutes.

Thanks to our knowledge and the assets of our coatings, we are able to :

Avoid barrier layers
(fibres, starch and other products)

Prevent pulp
from sticking

Resist extremely
severe paper abrasion

Be corrosion-proof



• Liquid or pneumatic spraying (wet processing)
Electrostatic powder coating
Fluidized bath
Dipping-centrifugation line
Embedding : Microfral® 100 et 200 (graphite, MOS²)


• Temperature
• Friction
• Resistance to severe abrasion due to chemical attacks
• Impacts
• Stripes
• Wear

Problem resolution

• Dry lubrication
• Corrosion resistance
• Friction resistance
• Electrical insulation, conductivity
• Water savings


• ISO 9001
• EN 9100

Why choose us ?

Since 1981, Fluorotechnique has been specializing
in Teflon coatings for industry.