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Fluorotechnique supports companies in the renewable energy sector. Thanks to the treatment, parts can withstand the stresses they are submitted to during use : temperatures, impacts, friction. Innovation and the development of new sustainable technologies are part of our priorities.

We keep improving our methods thanks to our experience and research, in order to find innovative solutions for our customers to increase their productivity, save time and energy, but also to avoid using lubricants such as grease, oil…



• Liquid or pneumatic spraying (wet processing)
Electrostatic powder coating
Fluidized bath
Dipping-centrifugation line
Embedding : Microfral® 100 et 200 (graphite, MOS²)


• Temperature
• Friction
• Resistance to severe abrasion due to chemical attacks
• Impacts
• Stripes
• Wear

Problem resolution

• Dry lubrication
• Corrosion resistance
• Friction resistance
• Electrical insulation, conductivity
• Water savings


• ISO 9001
• EN 9100

The global issue at hand
is a more sustainable use of energy resources