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Food and packaging industry

Food and packaging industry often need help with their anti-adhesion or lubrication problems: de-moulding, cake moulds, treatment of heat-sealing plates…

For years, Fluorotechnique has been working on finding solutions for the food sector, to help with anti-adhesion, scratch resistance and corrosion problems. Most known examples are those of kitchen utensils covered with a thin layer of polymer, so that food cannot stick and any type of material can easily glide over it.

Our different coatings allow us to work on parts in contact with food : cookie-cutter cylinders, cake moulds… But we also work on workshop parts like hoppers, sealing bars, heat-sealing and sealing plates.

The fluorine-based coating offers an increase
in productivity and performance, and provides a longer lifespan.



• Liquid or pneumatic spraying (wet processing)
Electrostatic powder coating
Fluidized bath
Dipping-centrifugation line
Embedding : Microfral® 100 et 200 (graphite, MOS²)


• Temperature
• Friction
• Resistance to severe abrasion due to chemical attacks
• Impacts
• Stripes
• Wear

Problem resolution

• Dry lubrication
• Corrosion resistance
• Friction resistance
• Electrical insulation, conductivity
• Water savings


• ISO 9001
• EN 9100

Why choose us ?

Since 1981, Fluorotechnique has been specializing
in Teflon coatings for industry.