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Medical-Chemistry – Offshore pharmacy

Thanks to our experience and research, we have found anti-adhesive and anti-friction solutions in the sector of medical and pharmaceutical equipment. Polymer coatings are chemically inert and can be used from -250°C to + 250°C with nearly any chemical reagent.

We are able to offer solutions to our customers in the medical or chemistry fields to :

Increase productivity

Increase performance
and extend the lifespan of devices

Improve quality

Our coatings impregnate the surface of the treated parts and act like a thin and soluble lubricating film, without making them greasy or thicker.

For every step in chemistry industry, our coatings provide :

  • Easier tank cleaning

  • Easier drain of powder or sticky fluids when used on a hopper

  • A solution to salt fog problems (screws, bolts…)



• Liquid or pneumatic spraying (wet processing)
Electrostatic powder coating
Fluidized bath
Dipping-centrifugation line
Embedding : Microfral® 100 et 200 (graphite, MOS²)


• Temperature
• Friction
• Resistance to severe abrasion due to chemical attacks
• Impacts
• Stripes
• Wear

Problem resolution

• Dry lubrication
• Corrosion resistance
• Friction resistance
• Electrical insulation, conductivity
• Water savings


• ISO 9001
• EN 9100

Why choose us ?

Since 1981, Fluorotechnique has been specializing
in Teflon coatings for industry.