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Our equipment

Our equipment allows us to meet all the needs and deadlines of our customers. We have different devices spread across several locations: Montreuil, Mérignac, and a dedicated workshop at Airbus Safran Launchers’.

We have :

12M long oven
(power up to 400°C)

12M X 5M Sandblaster
(with 20 ton bridge)

15 Blasting cabinets
of various sizes


Handle sandblasters
dedicated to the aeronautical workshop
(white corundum 220/120)


Plastic media

Metallization booths

25 Baking ovens
for over 400°C

2 Tunnel oven conveyors

NWe can treat very large parts
and polymerize them up to 400°C

11M x 4M x 3M oven, containing up to 20 tons

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