///Press release – Alliance Matériaux PME – ETI – SU

Press release – Alliance Matériaux PME – ETI – SU

Press Release
Alliance Matériaux PME – ETI – SU

The Materials Alliance is a Research, Development and Valorisation organization grouping Sorbonne University through the Condensed Matter Chemistry Laboratory of Paris and 3 SME-ETIs: SEQENS, FLUOROTECHNIQUE and EXPIRIS as well as its affiliates SATYS and Gaches Chimie. The Materials Alliance was built from collaborative Dual-RapidDGA projects. In order to promote the common results obtained and the know-how developed during these years, the members of the Alliance subsequently undertook a number of actions that led to an ANR LabCom project but also to more in B2B with third-party contractors.

This structure, whose collaboration contract was signed on October 23, 2019, brings together not only a large part of the material value chain in the broad sense (coatings, coatings, composites, nanocomposite polymers, manufacturing processes, surface treatments, etc.). but also all the scientific, technical and commercial skills needed to move from invention to markets with a “time to market” that all parties want as short as possible.

The approach followed is a hybrid “market pull-tech push” approach based on a constant monitoring of the different partners, thus enabling the identification of a market-driven need to which the Materials Alliance can provide a structured, adequate, new technical-scientific answer. and finally commercial.

In this context, the objectives of the Materials Alliance as defined contractually are as follows:

The strength of the Materials Alliance is also based on its business model, its contractual tools and innovative operating methods that allow it to respond to subsidized projects but also to interact directly with private third parties by treating the points of interest beforehand. confidentiality, intellectual property and financial conditions regardless of the project developed.

Develop a mixed academic-private network promoting the exchange of skills and ideas, and increase the visibility of the Parties. Promote public and private funding Identify scientific and / or technical axes and programs (taking into account the technological and economic issues of the members) Collaborative projects from basic research to the development of a mature product or technology .

The Materials Alliance is therefore sustainable and evolving with the possibility of integrating new players.

Signature de l’Alliance Matériaux à Sorbonne Université le 23 Octobre 2019. De gauche à droite Christian Bonhomme (Directeur du Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris), Pierre Bonnardel (Chef de projets – SEQENS), Lionel Nicole (Maître de Conférences – Sorbonne Université), Jonathan Madec (Directeur R&D – SEQENS Advanced Specialities), Bruno Bachimont (Directeur de la Recherche et de la Valorisation – Faculté des Sciences et Ingénierie – Sorbonne Université), Serge Lutinier (Responsable commercial – Fluorotechnique), Nathalie Donnat (Directrice Opérationnel – Expiris). © Sorbonne Université – Pierre Kitmacher

Contacts :

EXPIRIS : Nathalie DONNAT – nathalie.donnat@expiris.fr

FLUOROTECHNIQUE : Serge LUTINIER – serge.lutinier@fluorotechnique.fr

LCMCP – SU : Lionel NICOLE – lionel.nicole@sorbonne-universite.fr

SEQENS : Jonathan MADEC – jonathan.madec@seqens.com