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Spraying process : Fluorine-based (Teflon®)

  • Implementation, before treatment, parts are : Degreased and steamed in order to eliminate any grease or residue, Micro-sandblasted in order to strip them and to facilitate coating adhesion.

Surface preparation :

Before treating parts on different substrates, their surface has to be cleaned in order to remove all impurities and to facilitate coating adhesion.

To achieve this, there are several techniques available that we choose depending on our objectives :

Degreasing  :
steaming the part in order to eliminate all grease or other residue



Sandblasting :
micro-sandblasting to facilitate coating adhesion on the substrate

Masking :
in order to avoid some areas (using a special tape,
or a metallic/plastic assembly, or a special tool)

Why choose us ?

Since 1981, Fluorotechnique has been specializing
in Teflon coatings for industry.