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Transport – Automotive supply industry

One of the many characteristics of our coatings is their ability to lower the friction coefficient and to be corrosion-proof, which makes the coated parts function without lubrication in corrosive or oxidizing environments. Preferably, filled PTFE are used to improve resistance to intense mechanical actions. High insulating properties combined with heat and aging resistance make polymer coatings a first choice material for electrical and electronics industries (cable sleeving, insulators…).

We answer to every request for a research project and help our customers find solutions
(springs, fine-blanked parts, screws…)



• Liquid or pneumatic spraying (wet processing)
Electrostatic powder coating
Fluidized bath
Dipping-centrifugation line
Embedding : Microfral® 100 et 200 (graphite, MOS²)


• Temperature
• Friction
• Resistance to severe abrasion due to chemical attacks
• Impacts
• Stripes
• Wear

Problem resolution

• Dry lubrication
• Corrosion resistance
• Friction resistance
• Electrical insulation, conductivity
• Water savings


• ISO 9001
• EN 9100

Why choose us ?

Since 1981, Fluorotechnique has been specializing
in Teflon coatings for industry.